Games On Tap: Season 3 Recap Of Thrones

If you missed my George Jarjour’s season  or season  recaps you can just find them where I just linked them. But we are on to Season 3 and are only a few days away from Sunday which is going to be overall just an amazing day. Think about Sunday, we are going to have The Masters (If Tiger wins holy shit),  The NBA Playoffs, and season 8 of Game of Thrones. Cancel all plans. It’s TV watching time.

If you are reading this you have probably either have watched the show or are going to watch the show and you know how confusing this show can be. It’s amazing but there are so many moving parts it’s hard to keep track of. Lucky for you, I’ve broken down Season for you on key points below. But before we get started.. Season 3 is officially it. If you get halfway through Season 3 it’s game over and you are hooked. It’s literally like crack. Do it once you might be OK, do it twice you love it, do it 3 times you’re hooked. Not speaking from experience of course.

Jaime And Brienne Of Tarth are Homies


So after Catelyn Stark let’s Jaime go in season 2 he decides to head back home an Brienne assists him. Then they get capture by Ramsay (who sucks ass) and Jaime saves Brienne’s life and they share a ton of info, they become homies. It’s cool shit.

Sansa Get’s Forced Into Marrying Tyrion 

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Tyrion doesn’t want to marry her but he’s forced as well. She’s not happy. And the wedding is awesome cause Tyrion acts like a total ass to The King and is drunk the whole time. And Tyrion just proves how fucking awesome he is and never sleeps with Sansa because he’s just a fucking good dude.

Sansa Get’s Alliances

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Sansa needs some damn support. Her whole family is basically dead or gone. The Tyrells fill the void a bit by talking some Joffrey shit. And Petyr Baelish acts like he’s trying to help her but we know the truth. The dude is a snake.

The Red Wedding

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The Red Fucking Wedding. Literally the most crazy and surprising and unbelievable part of the show thus far. Let’s break it down as simply as we can. After Robb Stark breaks his alliance with Walder Frey by marrying a woman he loves, Talisa, instead of Frey’s daughter, Frey joins up with the Lannisters and slaughters the whole fam. So what happens? Goodbye Robb. He gets killed. So does Catelyn, Talisa, a unborn Stark baby, and Stark Bannerman. Holy shit.

Arya Is Basically Kicking It With The Hound

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Arya is trying to get home. She gets captured by the Brotherhood without Banners. Then The Hound kidnaps her as ransom so he can get to her brother. Later Arya gets her first kill. She’s a bad-ass.

Jon Snow Loses His V-Card

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This gets a bit confused. So after Jon Snow gets captured by Mance Ryder, Jon Snow joins the Wilding army in a move that tests his loyalty to the Night’s Watch. He falls in love with Ygritte, he has sex for first time in his life (pretty big moment in a man’s life). He ends up being loyal to the Watch to the end.

Daenerys Is Just Kicking Ass As She Always Does

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She has her self a little bit of an entourage now. She has Missandei (translator), Daario (mercenary), Ser Barristan Selmy (Guy who saved her from being killed) and Grey Worm (A Former Unsullied). She gets a fucking army as well by selling one of her dragons but she actually keeps the dragon because she always kicks ass.

Melisandre Steals Some Blood

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Gendry who is a nice and normal guy and might be or might not be Robert Baratheon’s son has blood because he’s nomral. Melisandre loves blood so she snags some of it. She’s fucking creepy. I hate her.

There you go. That’s basically everything you need to know about Season 3 of Game Of Thrones. Tomorrow we’ll have our Season 4 recap up. To follow George Jarjour on twitter click here.


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