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‘Game Of Thrones’ Finale Could Cause Millions Of “Sick”Days

Sunday is the finale of Game Of Thrones. It sort of has a Super Bowl type feel to it. And just like the Super Bowl it might have an effect on the economy of the United States the day after. According to The New York Post:

An estimated 10.7 million American workers are expected to “call out sick” the morning after the big finale, according to The Workforce Institute at Kronos. Even more of those surveyed admit they’ll probably be less productive the Monday after, or waste several hours at work reading hot takes on the show.

About 34 percent of people say they’ll tune into the finale — even after many of them demanded the show’s writers remake the whole season.

The number of people expected to be missing work is almost as high as the estimated 17 million people who called out after this year’s Super Bowl, the survey found.

Well if you call in sick on Monday just expect your boss to have the Daenery’s “bless your heart face”.

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