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Former Adult Film Star Jenna Presely Trades In “Acting” To “Preaching” At XXXChurch

This is just a borderline ridiculous story. But former adult film star Jenna Presely is now preaching at a church called XXXchurch. Here’s the story.


Source: Brittni De La Mora spent almost a decade in the porn industry — until she found Jesus.

She met members of XXXchurch, a ministry that helps people overcome pornography addiction, and they helped her discover her sense of worth, she said.

Now, she’s set to lead the church with her husband, Richard, at a time when the two are expecting their first child.

“My husband and I will be the new faces of,” De La Mora shared on the website. “We are humbled and honored that God has called us to this ministry.”

Here’s how we remember her:

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Image result for jenna presley


Image result for jenna presley

Anyways, the story gets even better because she’s taken over the ministry from another former adult star who says he needs to focus on Christian Weed. Not even joking here:

Source: “Last year, he discovered a brand of cannabis-infused mints with a small dose of THC, which he said was the perfect amount and helped him meet the Lord in ways more powerful than he had ever known.”- Craig Gross

There are some things you just can’t make up. Like a former adult star turned preacher after the other former adult star who was a preacher wanted to go focus on Christian based cannabis. The world is a weird place.

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