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For Some Reason Magic Johnson Will Be Part Of The Lakers And Kawhi Meeting

Well, this morning blogged about the story of Stephen A Smith saying that Kawhi Leonard is seriously considering The Los Angeles Lakers: 

Cool. We all know Stephen A. says a lot of stuff. But now, he might be right. Because, word is getting around that not only is Kawhi considering The Lakers but his camp wants Magic Johnson in there.

Now, as you know me, I am not a big hater on collusion. Whatever. Give me LeBron, AD, Kawhi all on one team. I don’t mind. But why is Magic going to be attending? What is the purpose? The guy quit on the team abruptly. What can he do to convince Kawhi? Anyways, doesn’t matter. Let’s see what happens but we just thought it was interesting that Magic is in on this.

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