Fitzpatrick Told A Madden Employee His Rating Was TOO HIGH

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been the on-again off-again QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year along with Jameis Winston… And that might explain his self-assessment skills.

For those that don’t know, Fitzpatrick has been a journeyman since graduating from Harvard and coming to play QB in the NFL. Every draft class in the NFL take the Wonderlic IQ test and he came out with the highest score of all-time in the draft.

Well, he is even smart when it comes to Madden ratings…. for himself.

It’s a very annual thing that NFL players complain that their score are way too low when the game comes out… Same goes for NBA players when NBA2K comes out yearly.

Fitzpatrick had other thoughts:

In a feature by ESPN’s Michael Rothstein about the life of EA Sports’ Madden NFL ratings adjusters, one employee shared a story of the time he had a visit in Tampa Bay and QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Fitzpatrick walked up and told him that his rating was, in fact, exaggerated.

“And then just walked off,” Smith recalled. “That was, by far, the weirdest one I’ve ever gotten. It’s one of my favorite stories.”

Fitzpatrick started off as a 73 when the game Madden 19 came out, but after a good start to the year he was boosted up to a 79, where he currently sits. He hit as high as an 80 at one point.

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