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Everything You Need To See About Browns O-Line Coach Bob Wylie Will Make Your Day!

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of HBO’s Hard Knocks, you’ve likely become familiar with Bob Wylie, offensive line coach of the Cleveland Browns.

He is becoming someone that we all love… and it all started with his stomach moving every time he yelled “hut”.

Let’s get you everything else you need to know and hear from this amazing spectacle.

– Bob Wylie uses The World War to explain why stretching is useless –

— Bob Wylie coming out of a Maserati is literal identity crisis —

— If Bob Wylie’s Wiki Page is real, than life is complete — 

“Wylie is a licensed pilot, an amateur magician and accomplished musician. Wylie has one daughter (Jennifer) and one grandson (Wylie).”

This is almost too good to be real… But its from January before the hype on him became real. So we still love it!

— This man has been amazing since 1997 when he was an O-Line coach in Cincy —

Bob Wiley… We Love You.

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