Drake Ignored Adam Silver’s Imaginary ‘Line’: His Game 1 Moments Ranked

Drake and the country of Canada safe to say had a nice night. The Raptors won game 1 in their first ever NBA finals game. And Drake really listened to Adam Silver’s whole “toning it down schpeel”.

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Y’all think Drake has been going too far? 🤔

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Yeah right. Drake doesn’t have any lines. He is on The Raptors payroll so he’s basically free to roam like a dinosaur if he wants. Unless The NBA suspends him (they won’t) he can and will continue to do what he wants. Here are the top 5 Drake moments from game 1 of the NBA Finals.

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5. Drake Posing With Bay Area rapper E-40

This is basically Biggie and 2Pac all over again. But this time on an international level. A great candid photo for two famous rappers.

4. Covering Up His Warriors Tattoos With An Arm Sleeve

You got to love the arm sleeve. This is basically a reverse jinx, in some odd sort of way. In case you aren’t aware Drake is friends with Steph Curry and Kevin Durant and has their numbers “30” for Steph and “35” for Drake tattooed on his arm. So yeah he covered it up.

3. Going face to face with Draymond and calling him “trash” after the game

Honestly, this could easily be the best moment. But these rankings really don’t mean shit and they basically are trash. So who cares. It’s funny he calls Draymond Trash and Steph doesn’t really care and just moves on to game 2.

2. Wearing A Dell Curry Raptors Jersey To The Game

I forgot that Dell Curry (Steph’s dad) had a short stint with The Raptors. The best part is he probably went on eBay to buy the signed jersey. Cause otherwise it’s not easy to find a signed Dell Curry jersey.

1. Taking Steph’s hair lint and posting it on eBay


This speaks for itself. Drake seriously took Steph’s hairlint and posted it on eBay during this exchange.

Overall I give Drake a solid 8 out of 10 tonight. Let’s see what he has ready for game 2.

Game 2 Prediction: Warriors 114 – Raptors 110 

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