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Drake And The Raptors Supporting Cast Hit Up Vegas To Celebrate His NBA Title

This should be it. The last possible Drake x Raptors Championship post. Unless, some other crazy stuff happens. But this should be over. So you gotta love Drake and The Raptors move to hop to Vegas on their way to Toronto from Oakland to celebrate their NBA Championship. Here is some social media clips capturing the scene in Vegas last night:

You gotta love that Drake is leading the team on stage like he actually won The NBA Finals MVP and not Kawhi Leonard. And you got to love him going on stage and saying it was not about him after. But honestly, it all works because of Kawhi. The dude doesn’t want any attention, so it just works out for him that Drake and can prance around doing his thing. Gotta love it. By the way, go buy some Kawhi shirts.

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