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Demi Rose Gives Inspirational Advice On Becoming An Instagram Model

So Demi Rose is one of the most famous and best looking Instagram models out there! I mean there is nothing and I mean nothing wrong with this girl. I mean just take a look.

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So do you have what it takes to become a Instagram model? Cause Demi Rose in an interview with The Sun gave the good old secret sauce:

Demi, who boasts a 24 inch waist and 26 inch hips, told The Sun Online that her secret is “genes, a hell of a lot of hard work and dedication in the gym and a good well balanced nutritious diet”.

Well. That’s a bummer. You can work as hard as you want in life. However, you can’t change your genes no matter what. Too bad. Anyways her diet consists of:

“If I’m in Birmingham I try to go to the gym three to four times a week. I don’t really have much carbs, basically nuts, nuts, nuts.

“For breakfast it’s usually eggs, lunch it has to be something light like a chicken or prawn salad with a superfood.

“For dinner I like protein, like fish with vegetables or sushi. Then more nuts. My guilty pleasure is chocolate nuts or salted nuts!” [The Sun]

She also added:

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she said: “I posed for selfies and pictures and it just grew from like 60,000 to 200,000 to a million to 3.2million now.

“In school I was quite popular on MySpace and that kind of followed on to Instagram. It was really weird when people started recognising me and stuff on the street. I just got used to it.”

Ok cool. Yeah she’s unbelievably great looking. Anyways we know you are here for more pictures. Here you go:

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Look back at it

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On my own lil vibe

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Try not to catch feelings

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Birthday behaviour

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