Dear Edgar: A Letter From Us To You

Dear Edgar:

First off I want to say congratulations to you. You deserve to be a Hall of Famer. Sorry it took so long. But you are here. And you deserve it. This letter is to also tell you if it wasn’t for you, this company may never exist. I still remember 1995 Game 5 like it was yesterday. I was 8 years old, and that was the moment I forever fell in love with sports. You came up to bat, Junior was on first. At 8 years old, you never really know what nerves feel like. That moment was the first moment I can remember my heart beating fast.

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I was in the living room in my families first home. Actually, first home they ever bought in the USA. Just like you, we were immigrants. No body in my family knew what baseball was, and frankly until 1995 no body cared. I was sitting downstairs holding a baseball in my hand, wearing a Mariners hat that my mom had bought me only a few days ago. When you hit the ball I remember jumping for joy. I remember going crazy. And as soon as Junior scored I threw the baseball that was in my hand and broke the window in the room. Oops. Mom was mad, I didn’t care.

Thank you for giving me the best sports moment of my life. Until today, not even the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl matches the moment because your game winning RBI in Game 5 was the moment I fell in love with sports. Thank you for all the memories. If it wasn’t for that moment maybe I’d be a lawyer, or an accountant or something else. You made me fall in love with sports. And today you live in eternity as a Hall of Famer. Make sure the guy who used to yell Edgarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is at your speech.

Thanks for the memories and Welcome To Coopertown,

George Jarjour

Here’s the end of game 5:

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