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Cops Brought Out To Stop Westbrook & Beverly From Fighting On The Court

Another day… another almost fight in the NBA.

There is a little bit of history with Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly, where Westbrook claims Beverly purposing caused his knee injury back in 2013.

Westbrook torn his meniscus in this playoff game between the Houston Rocket and Oklahoma City Thunder. Westbrook claimed it was reckless and an action that Beverly did on purpose.

Well, now there is more drama.

Tonight the Thunder faced the Los Angeles Clippers (whom Beverly plays for now) and there was some early drama on the court.

Later in the game, the police were brought on the court to prevent any further actions from going down.

Now this fight might actually be beyond basketball.

In all honesty, sometimes it’s nice to see some real competition on the court. Well, as long as no one is hurting people on purpose.

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