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Clippers Send Record Breaking Draft Picks in Trade For Paul George To Pair Him With Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard finally makes his free agency decision at 11pm on a Friday night… Of course. To make things even more wild, he got the Clippers to trade for his running mate, Paul George, by sending a record number of draft picks and two key players.

What is more interesting to me is what happened to Paul George and Russell Westbrook? Last summer, the entire NBA world believed Paul George was on his way to some Los Angeles team, shockingly, he decided to stay with Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder… 5 years, and ready to commit. After one season it turns out a call from Kawhi Leonard had him demanding a trade from the Thunder. Here is what went down:

What I am really wondering is – How much does it suck to play with Russell Westbrook?

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