Cam Newton Offers A Guy 1500 To Switch Seats; For Some Reason The Guy Refused

Cam Newton tries to switch seats with a guy on the airplane and offers him $1500 to do so. The guy says no. This was just a weird video for multiple reasons.

  1. Cam Newton’s outfits as always are just ridiculous. Plus, when flying on an airplane why would you dress up so uncomfortably.

  2. Why does the guy say no to such a simple request for $1500. If you offer me $1500 to move seats on an airplane I’m moving no questions asked.

  3. If Cam Newton is willing to shell out $1500 to move seats why did he just not fly 1st class in first place?

  4. If the guy says yes, is he exchange cash? Does Cam Newton use Venmo?

Anyways, weird video. Cam is weird. The guy who says no is weird. The outfit is weird. Maybe Cam should have upped the offer.

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