Brooklyn Nets Players Clap Back at ESPN’s Jalen Rose… Saying This Team Doesn’t Hang Out During Offseason

Jalen Rose, a man who you can see on every single show for ESPN said something that didn’t sit well with Brooklyn Nets players. Rose on his morning show “Get Up” claimed that the NBA isn’t as much fun as college ball because teams aren’t as close. He specifically singled out the Nets as a team that “doesn’t text” each other during the offseason.

He went on to explain that a winning team like the Golden State Warriors could have some fun though.

So, when TMZ Sports saw Allen Crabbe in Bev Hills hours after the show … we asked if Rose’s theory was true.

“I don’t know where he got that from,” Crabbe told TMZ Sports … “I feel like our team’s pretty cool. We all hang out together.”

It wasn’t only Crabbe that had something to say about this. Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin said he respected Roses’ opinion but that its not right…

Jeremy Lin weighed in saying … “Hmm Jalen much respect to you but no idea where this came from lol. I just had the whole team over for a fat bbq last week.”

Sometimes making random statements on TV can get back to those you speak about, Jalen.

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