Breaking: The 76ers Trade For Clippers Breakout Forward Tobias Harris

The Philadelphia 76ers are stacking up for their postseason run in 2019. The Sixers have traded for Clippers breakout forward Tobias Harris in a deal that also included Boban Marjanovic.

Full trade details:

For the Los Angeles Clippers, they believe Harris is going to require a max contract salary in the offseason and that does not fit in their free agency plans. Rumors of Kawhi Leonard have been swirling for months and the Clippers are going all in.

For the 76ers, they are ready to compete for an NBA Finals appearance. After already adding Jimmy Butler in a trade this year, they no have their 4th All-Star level type of player and a stacked starting lineup:

The 76ers fully plan to move forward with their “Big 4” and sign both Harris and Butler in the offseason according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski:

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