Blue Jays Game Might Be Cancelled Due To A Hole In The Roof

Ahhhh nothing scream amazing like Spring Time Baseball. Especially with spring having not shown up yet in the USA. It’s been a rough weekend for the MLB, with 6 games postponed on Sunday and already 2 today. A 3rd is in jeopardy and not because of climate.

An ice storm has battered Toronto in recent days, and this morning, with temperatures warming a little, huge chunks of ice have been falling from the CN Tower, the tallest freestanding structure on the continent. The tower itself has been closed, but unfortunately for the Blue Jays (and the visiting Royals), it looms right over the stadium. A piece of falling ice punctured the roof of the dome, and snow is falling through to the field.

The Blue Jays, who had their games in Cleveland postponed on Saturday and Sunday, said they expect to make a decision soon on whether to play tonight’s game.

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