Blake Bortles Mic’ed Up Shows He’s An Absolute Normal Dude

Blake Bortles was Mic’ed up during the Jets vs Jaguars game on Sunday. And showcased just how normal of a dude he really is. He seems seriously just like any other dude. Kind of boring, yet kind of funny. While Mic’ed up he had one of the best games of his career on Sunday throwing for 388 yards and 2 TDs and also rushing for 28 on the ground to give himself over 400 yards of total offense. Just a great day for Blake. Maybe he should be mic’ed up every game from here on out.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 11.08.44 AM

He was absolutely enjoyable to hear mic’ed up. with quotes like:

“Why would I even want to be mic’ed up”


“When it left your hand, you was like yeah TD?”
“Oh, I knew it.”

There are some seriously awesome moments coming up like how he puts his arms around his coaches when talking:

or exchanging phone numbers with the opposing players after the game:

Blake Bortles just comes off as way too easy to like and root for in this video, so enjoy:

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