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Baylor Sorority Drops N-Word Rapping To Mo Bamba: School Bans Song

Well A Baylor University sorority is in controversy.  Why?

Pi Beta Phi sorority is facing multiple sanctions, both from the university and self-imposed, over a video clip that played on an Instagram story Jan. 10. Why? Because they sang along with a popular rap song.

Here’s the video:

The song, the clean and/or musical version of which was regularly played at Baylor games, has now been removed from athletics playlists, Steuben and university officials confirmed Monday.

“University-wide, we’re going to be very conscious about when it’s played, where it’s played, who is playing it, and so right now it’s just not being played and I think that’s a very fair middle ground.”

Now we are in no way saying that this is acceptable behavior but this must happen more then we know on campuses around the country. And to ban a popular song because of a mistake a bunch of 18-21 year old girls made? That seems a bit much. But in the day of social media when will people learn that you can not do these things without consequences?

Do you think Baylor should really ban the song from it’s campus?

What do you think?

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