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    Quarantine Day 31

    Quarantine has left a ton of time on day for people. Some people will write a book, some people might start a new business plan, learn the piano. Some genius will come out of these times. However, no one will match this: Quarantine day 31: — Rex Chapman?? (@RexChapman) April 2, 2020 More

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    This Cat Owner Totally Shocked His Cat With His Voice

    Pretty sure this cat was just as shocked as everyone else on the voice his owner had. Didn’t really expect all that but got to admit that was pretty great. View this post on Instagram I think he broke the cat ? A post shared by Sports ON Tap (@sont.sports) on Apr 2, 2020 at […] More

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    Wimbledon Cancelled For First Time Since World War 2

    Wimbledon is cancelled for the first time since World War 2. View this post on Instagram Another major event has been cancelled ? when will sports resume? ? A post shared by Sports ON Tap (@sont.sports) on Apr 1, 2020 at 8:30am PDT More

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    This 81 Year Old Granddaughter And Grandpa Are Everything

    This 81-year old grandfather and his granddaughter from a Nashville, Tennessee live across the street from one another. In these weird times – they’re doing a dance off each morning while they have to be socially disant. This is pretty pretty awesome. Look these are the moments we live for during really hard times. This […] More

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    Important Distinction: Shaq Says He Was Not A Friend Of Joe Exotic Just A Visitor

    Shaq responds to 'Tiger King' criticism: "I was just a visitor. Not a friend." — Complex (@Complex) March 30, 2020   Shaq when he saw himself featured on the #TigerKing documentary hanging out with Joe exotic — Ruben (@twentyonepucks) March 29, 2020 [TMZ] – “I was just a visitor. I met this […] More

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    PSA: Don’t Spit In Grovery Stores Or Else You’ll Get KO’ed

    I don’t care if it’s now or before the Coronavirus.You should not and must not act like this in public. And if you do this is exactly how people should react. Look, people can be absolutely nasty and people can suck so if they do act out of hand someone will take care of business. […] More

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    This Dog Has Too Much Swag

    Can’t stress how much I love this dog. I swear, as someone who has never owned a dog in his life they just fascinate me for so many reasons. They seem to take the life of their owner and become one. Look at the way the girl bobs her head to beats and the way […] More

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    Quarantine day 18

    LOL at these two. First of all. I hate this video for multiple reasons. One, the girl. Why the hell are you climbing on your man like that. It’s not cute. And second of all the man instead of telling her to get off and acting normal just let it go until they both fall […] More

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    Quarantine Dance Parties In Buffalo Are Lit

    Buffalo. Not sure if this has any connection to the Bills mafia. But whether or not it does is beside the point. Got to love to see this wholesome neighborhood enjoying their social distancing by dancing in the neighborhood. A bunch of young and old people. These are the type of videos that will emerge […] More

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