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    What You Need To Know About Each NBA Conference Finals Team

    We’ve got four teams left, and the NBA Conference Finals are on their way. Kodey Stauffer (@KODES8088 on Twitter) is here to tell you what you need to know about each series. Western Conference Golden State Warriors vs. Portland Trailblazers The Warriors have had ups and downs but still remain the Gold(en) standard of the NBA […] More

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    The NHL Conference Finals Are Here And I’ll Turn Around My 5-7 Record

    NHL Playoffs Conference Finals The Stanley Cup is almost here, and no one really expected any of these teams to be the last four standing yet here we are. So, buckle up and let’s see if I can turnaround my current 5-7 record through these playoffs! Western Conference St. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks […] More

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    The Ultimate NHL Playoffs Round 2 Guide & Predictions

    The NHL Playoffs have been a wild ride as always, and we are ready to give you the ultimate guide to whats coming next: San Jose Sharks vs. Colorado Avalanche The Avalanche made quick work of the number one seed of the West and the Sharks made excellent comebacks against the West’s defending champions. This […] More

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    Sports On Tap: Team By Team Mock Draft

    Draft Day is here and the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock. Sports On Tap contributor Kodey Stauffer complied his list of what he believes each team will do at the draft. AFC North Baltimore Ravens (Picks 22, 85, 102) Marquise Brown (WR), Gerald Willis III (DL), Iman Marshall (CB) Pittsburgh Steelers (Picks 20, 52, […] More

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    The NBA Playoffs: All-Out Predictions & Guide To The Wild 1st Round

    No LeBron James, upsets have already happened, and some costly injuries have occurred. As always the NBA Playoffs are a wild place. Kodey Stauffer gives his all-out predictions for the first round of the Western and Eastern playoffs. Western Conference Golden State Warriors vs. Los Angeles Clippers The Warriors have had up and downs but still […] More

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    Hockey On Tap: NHL Playoff Predictions

    NHL Playoffs 1st Round Western Conference Nashville Predators vs. Dallas Stars The Predators secure the 2nd seed in the playoffs and welcome the Dallas Stars. The Preds and Stars both finished with nice finishes to the season following injuries that plagued both teams throughout the regular season. The Predators lead all playoff teams with 542 […] More

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    Love You Bampa

    March 15th, 1955 in a small town in Maine, Eddie Chavaree was born. Today would have been his 64th birthday and I write this article in loving memory of my grandpa, and wish him a happy birthday. Losing someone is never easy. You’re never quite sure of when, or how it’s going to happen and […] More

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    Super Bowl Sunday Preview

    Super Bowl Sunday The AFC and NFC Championships ended (with a lot of controversy) and brings with it an exciting Rams team facing the defending AFC champion Patriots. Brady looks to put himself on par with MJ’s championships and Goff hopes to rewrite the history books and start a dynasty of his own. Tale of […] More

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    Sports On Tap: Conference Championship Preview

    Conference championship clash All the higher seeds took care of business at home (especially in the AFC), and now the best teams of the regular season fight to see who makes it to Super Bowl Sunday. New England Patriots (12-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (13-4) After delivering some butt-whoopings over the last weekend, the 2 […] More

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    NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Preview

    Divisional Round Following some competitive games last weekend (except Houston), all fans are excited to see what teams did with their week off and if it pays off in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Mahomes will host the Andrew Luck-led Colts whom dismantled the Houston Texans. In what will likely be a shootout, […] More

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    NFL Wild Card Weekend Predictions

    Wild Card Weekend NFL Playoffs are finally here! And what better than this slate of competitive Wild Card games! Check out my recaps, and predications of the upcoming NFL Weekend!   Indianapolis Colts (10-6) @ Houston Texans (11-5) Not very often do we get to see 2 teams face 3 times in one season but […] More

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    Mental Health: Featuring Athletes

    Role models, freaks of nature, idols, heroes… all ways one can describe an athlete. Athletes, in the end, are people. People whose job involves competing at the highest level, or even lower levels. Athletes have families, friends, a job, and most-forgotten of all—they have problems too. The stigma of wealth turning off all problems plagues […] More

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