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    The Lakers Should Not Trade Lonzo Ball – Keep Him Alongside LeBron

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about Lonzo Ball. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in the middle of trade talks and willing to give up their young stars to the New Orleans Pelicans for Anthony Davis. Yet, I believe the Lakers should find a way to hold on to Lonzo Ball, […] More

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    Paul George Is Saving Russell Westbrook & The Thunder (VIDEO)

    Oklahoma City, Paul George saved the Thunder, and it’s time to thank him. I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about Paul George not only saving the Thunder, but also Russell Westbrook. While I still believe Westbrook will be back better than ever, we can’t hide the fact that he hasn’t been himself. […] More

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    Tony Romo Is Destined To Be An NFL Coach Sooner Than Later (VIDEO)

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about Tony Romo. The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback turned announcer is now one of the best in the game. From this NFL weekend, Tony Romo was lighting up CBS with his electric broadcasting but also his wild predictions before plays that all came true. Well, it […] More

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    Seahawks Russell Wilson Wrongly Snubbed From Pro Bowl

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about how wrong it was the Russell Wilson was snubbed from the Pro Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks QB has led a team that was expected to fail greatly, to playoff contention. While other QBs like Jared Goff have high level rosters but not even greater statistics. […] More

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    Kevin Durant Can’t Handle LeBron Being Much Better Than Him

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about Kevin Durant and how he purposely didn’t mention LeBron James as one of his “greatest players ever.” KD is jealous, and he knows he is no were near LeBron and it continues to piss him off. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud – Just type in “That […] More

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    Now, I Can’t Stop Thinking About The “What If?” Of LeBron On The Knicks

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I’m here to talk about LeBron James… and him telling Dwyane Wade it was “either here or The Garden” after their final matchup ever. Now, I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of LeBron James as a member of the New York Knicks. What that would do for the organization […] More

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    Why Was Gronk On The Field For The Last Play Of The Game?

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and I am confused… Why you might ask? I am not understanding why Bill Belichick put Rob Gronkowski out on the field for the last play of the game against the Miami Dolphins… I know you do this on hail mary’s… but not when the play is 69 yards away… Heres […] More

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    Patrick Mahomes: The Undisputed MVP of the 2018 NFL Season

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube – Instagram & Facebook) and today I want to talk Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, to me, the undisputed MVP of the 2018 season. You can try to talk Brees, Rivers, Luck, or whatever you please, but this man has taken the league by storm. I believe it is not debatable […] More

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    It’s Time To Appreciate LeBron James… Once Again

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk about Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James, who just scored 51 points in year 16. There has been 5 times that a player in year 15+ has scored 50+… Karl Malone once. Kobe Bryant once (his last game). Now, LeBron James 3 times. This is my monthly anthem… […] More

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    VIDEO: Durant Needs The Warriors More Than The Warriors Need Him

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk about Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. Durant needs the Warriors, they don’t need him. With Steph Curry out for ONE WEEK you saw drama already, Draymond Green and KD couldn’t get along, and they got blown out by the Warriors… (FYI please stop comparing LeBron […] More

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    How Did The Wolves Not Take The Rockets Offer For Jimmy Butler?

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk Jimmy Butler. As we all know he was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Philadelphia 76ers today, but what I truly can’t believe is how the Wolves turned down 4-first round picks from the Houston Rockets. I just don’t get it…. Subscribe to our podcast on […] More

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