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    It’s Time To Appreciate LeBron James… Once Again

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk about Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James, who just scored 51 points in year 16. There has been 5 times that a player in year 15+ has scored 50+… Karl Malone once. Kobe Bryant once (his last game). Now, LeBron James 3 times. This is my monthly anthem… […] More

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    VIDEO: Durant Needs The Warriors More Than The Warriors Need Him

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk about Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors. Durant needs the Warriors, they don’t need him. With Steph Curry out for ONE WEEK you saw drama already, Draymond Green and KD couldn’t get along, and they got blown out by the Warriors… (FYI please stop comparing LeBron […] More

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    How Did The Wolves Not Take The Rockets Offer For Jimmy Butler?

    I’m Sami Jarjour (Twitter – YouTube & Instagram) and I’m here to talk Jimmy Butler. As we all know he was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Philadelphia 76ers today, but what I truly can’t believe is how the Wolves turned down 4-first round picks from the Houston Rockets. I just don’t get it…. Subscribe to our podcast on […] More

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    Unique Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Not For Resale”

    The Air Jordan 1 “No L’s” has been a big topic of discussion in the sneaker world. Featuring several anti-reselling messages from the blatantly obvious “Not For Resale” on the midsole to the “Please Crease” on the toebox, it’s a limited release that the Jumpman wants you to rock, not to flip. The “Not For […] More

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    Marcus Mariota & Dak Prescott Are The Two Most Frustrating QBs in the NFL

    I am not calling for anyones job, but are these the guys you want you team to count on with $100 million and 5-7 years? The Tennessee Titans and Dallas Cowboys have an issue on their hands. and its their quarterbacks. Me, Sami Jarjour, @JarjourSami on Twitter – YouTube & Instagram explaining my feelings Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott just not […] More

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    (VIDEO) Is Jimmy Butler Really Worth Four 1st Round Picks?!

    The Minnesota Timberwolves have been holding on as tight as possible to Jimmy Butler. The Miami Heat couldn’t come to terms to the point where Pat Riley was cussing out the Wolves staff. The Houston Rockets have made several attempts and nothing have some to fruition. Well, the Houston Rockets thought they’d take one more […] More

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    Stop Worrying About The Lakers & Start Worrying About The Thunder

    Me, Sami Jarjour,  Twitter – YouTube & Instagram, tells you why we can all stop worrying about the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James… It’s time to worry more about the 0-3 Oklahoma City Thunder and Russell Westbrook. Disagree? Comment in on Instagram! Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud – Just type in “That Being Said” or “SONTSports” […] More

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    Jimmy Butler Is Lacking Realistic Self-Awareness In Today’s NBA

    I really tried to title this carefully. That’s why I went with the world ‘realistic.’ Jimmy Butler lacks REALISTIC self-awareness. Now, what does this mean? Jimmy Butler has spent the last couple months making it publicly clear, that once again, he’s done with his team, coaches, and teammates – he requested to be traded. The […] More

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    Kevin Durant Wears Nike Cortez “Seattle Supersonics” In Return To Key Arena

    — You can follow @SONTKicks on Twitter & Instagram & Writer @JarjourSami — It’s been 10 years since an NBA basketball game was played in Seattle… After, of course, Oklahoma City stole my hometown Seattle Supersonics… I hate the Thunder… But yes, I am biased. Anyways, let’s talk sneakers. The Key Arena hosted a preseason […] More

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    LeBron James Will Lead The Lakers To The Western Conference Finals

    Everyone outside of Los Angeles has their reasoning to why LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won’t be able to get a top 4-seed in the West. I’ve even heard as far as “Lakers might barely make or miss the playoffs…” All of these thoughts are insane. The Lakers, who had many young studs […] More

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    Joel Embiid Might Be Taking Trash Talking Too Far With Rookies

    Listen, I am all for trash talking, especially in the NBA. The NBA is a great place of drama, and being able to see that drama take place on the court more than any other sports. Yet, I believe Joel Embiid is taking it too far. Me, Sami Jarjour, @JarjourSami on Twitter – YouTube & Instagram tells you why: I love […] More

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