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    3 Ideas To Make The NBA Better Without Fans

    On the latest episode of Just Talk Pod. George Jarjour discussed 3 ideas that would make the NBA experience with no fans a tad bit better: On the @justtalkpod ? I broke down 3 ways on how experience of the NBA without fans could be done and made more enjoyable ? Do you have any […] More

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    Podcast: How To Do The NBA With No Fans

    Sports fans root for laundry. Colors. Cities. In a way it makes no sense right? A bunch of 20-30 year old millionaire athletes from all over the United States and the world all move to one to city, put on the same jersey, have their last name on the back and compete against another team […] More

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    Thank You Mike, Just Thank You

    Tomorrow, on my podcast I’ll discuss more but I just want to thank Michael Jordan, thank ESPN and thank you to the producers of the Last Dance. During this extremely weird time we got this content. We got to see the greatest athlete to ever live again, during a time of no sports it was […] More

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    Bryce Harper Backs Blake Snell Says Players Won’t Take Pay Cut

    Blake Snell went on a rant on Twitch saying he would not take a cut to play this season. Blake Snell makes no sense.MANY MLB players don’t. It’s his right to be afraid to of catching the virus. But he’s basically saying he’d do it for $10 mil and not $5 mil. In this country, […] More

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    Podcast: Basketball Terminologies And More Heather Maltman

    George Jarjour has guest Heather Maltman all the way from Australia (digitally of course) to talk about an array of topics. Be careful you might laugh too hard here and choke. George and Heather talked about topics from her appearance on the Bachelor to what “wet” means in basketball. They also talked about biblical figures like Moses, […] More

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    Podcast: Is It Time To Open Up The Country?

    Can we stop now? I mean literally just stop for one moment and think about what we are doing as a nation? California you want to close the economy until at least August, college classes online through minimum fall quarter? Meanwhile, Georgia’s open and cases are down. Florida is open and cases are down. Wisconsin […] More

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    Podcast: Life As Entrepreneur For The Digital Age With Chelsea Walsh

    On today’s episode of The Just Talk Podcast George Jarjour talks to Chelsea Walsh whose the owner of CW Communications and the Co-Producer of the After Orange Slices Podcast about entrepreneurship life, the future of work spaces and social media. The two also discussed how much work they put in to their passions and also a shutout to moms. […] More

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    Dele Alli Held At Knife Point During Robbery At His Home

    View this post on Instagram ?Dele Alli suffered minor injuries during a robbery at knifepoint early Wednesday morning at his home ?? @goalontap A post shared by Spurs ON Tap (@spursontap) on May 13, 2020 at 1:35pm PDT Source: The multi-millionaire Spurs midfielder, 24,  was set upon by the duo after they threatened him and […] More

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