Announcers Make Fun Of Umpire Who Was Being An Absolute Prick About The Camera

We’ve seen umpires being absolutely grumpy old men. But announcer Bob Brenly at the Diamondbacks game were absolutely not having it when umpire Joe West decided that the camera’s were hanging off the railing a tad bit too much . The best part:


“It’s amazing he can see a camera leaning an inch over the railing but he misses strikes by 6 feet.

Absolutely savage and possibly deserved for being a grump.

West came into Tuesday’s game having three ejections in as many days, ejecting Anderson and White Sox manager Rick Renteria on Saturday before throwing out Dodgers left fielder Joc Pederson on Monday, further adding fuel to the fire his reputation as an ump who likes to put himself in the center of a game.

So that’s possibly why Bob Brenly had seen enough.

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