George Jarjour

I talk about Sports. Really? I am that lucky that I get to talk about GAMES and get paid to talk about games? Man, life is awesome. The only way it could get better is if I got to PLAY the sports instead. However at 5 foot 9 with a 10 inch vertical somehow I did not get drafted into the NBA. I know shocker!

I was born in 1987 in Damascus, Syria. After a short stint in Dubai we moved to Seattle, WA. As I was growing up, I learned pretty quick the thing that I was most interested was in was sports. Whether it was pretending I was Ken Griffey Jr in little leagues or wanting to “Be Like Mike” in basketball I was always either playing sports, thinking about sports, or playing sports video games.
I eventually played both basketball and football in high school. Then moved on to the University of Washington where I graduated with my bachelors degree. I went on to get a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Midland University in Omaha, Nebraska and now I am here talking sports in “SUNNY” Everett, Washington talking sports with my best friend and little brother Sami. Beside sports my passions are: Reading, Food and travel.
Lastly I want to thank my loving and caring parents for believing in us as we talk about GAMES. Literally when I say that out loud I still laugh.
My Best Sports Memory: Easy as can be. Seahawks winning the super bowl thus, giving me my first and only professional sports championship.
Worst Sports Memory: The Seattle Supersonics leaving.