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As I sit here and write my bio, I still can’t believe I have found my career path, and it is in sports. Whether I am saying it aloud, writing it down, or just thinking it in my head, I am so thankful but also slightly shocked.

I am a 90s baby, 23 years old and just finished college at Chapman University in the Greater Los Angeles area, about a year ago. Being born and raised in Seattle I got engulfed in the sports culture. The Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics, and even the University of Washington Huskies took over the town weekly during their respective sporting events. I also happened to have an older brother, who is my partner here at SONTLive, who probably is more of a reason I love sports. (You can find his bio by clicking this sentence here.)

Growing up I tried every sport. I played soccer for 5 years, baseball for a year, football for 5+ years, and basketball since the day I was born. I ended up playing some varsity football during high school playing the wide receiver position, but I was too focused on hoops. I ended up being blessed to play 4 years straight of varsity basketball.

After college, I started working in the corporate world, as an engineering recruiter. I lasted about 8 months until I realized this isn’t my goal in life. I packed my bags from California and drove up the coast to Seattle and wanted to get working on Entrepreneurship with my brother, George, who was already a business owner himself.

Long story short, we began a Facebook Live Home Shopping network, think QVC or HSN, but online streaming and not on TV. After 6 months of hard work and long nights, we realized we really just can’t get over our love for sports. That being said, we transformed SONTLive into a sports network and here we are!

I don’t want to bore you with my business life, so here information is a little about my sports life:

I love the Seattle Mariners in the MLB. I love the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL. I love the Miami Heat (also the Cavs because of LeBron) in the NBA. I also could say my favorite MLS team is the Seattle Sounders.

Side Note: My real favorite NBA team is the Seattle Supersonics, but they were shipped off to OKC so I can’t really say that anymore. Damn it, Starbucks.

My Best Sports Memory: Easy. The Seahawks demolishing the Denver Broncos and Manning in Super Bowl XLVII. Watched it at my college house with my 3 roommates who were also from Seattle. What a time.

Worst Sports Memory: Also, easy. 2008 sitting in my high school coach’s car after a game with a few of my teammates, and hearing on the radio that the Sonics will officially be moved to OKC. 9 years later, Seattle still has no NBA team.

P.S. SHOUTOUT to Mom & Dad ( Roula & Tony ) for always supporting G and I, otherwise we would never have the guts do these type of things!!! ❤