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6 Amazing World Cup Moments You Need To Make Sure You’ve Seen

The World Cup brings every single soccer fan, from casual to die-hard, together once every 4 years. Remember, we are talking the WORLD. That means you’ll see many different characters and of course, many different interesting things happen.

Here are some of the best from Week 1 of Russia’s FIFA World Cup:

Japanese and Senegalese cleaned up stadiums after games

Japan is known for their ridiculously clean streets… So would you expect any different when they are visiting another country? And hey, Senegal was just happy about their win.

Spain’s Isco saved a tiny bird

Now thats just cute.

This guy showed off a very dangerous lighter

How the hell did he get this wallet/lighter device in?!

England raced inflatable unicorns

Yeah… What?

Senegal’s coach became a meme

This guy is just great in all ways.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s goatee became a topic of conversation

 Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 3.21.04 PM.png
GOATee…. get it? Yes, he is saying he is the GOAT.

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