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5 Future NBA Stars to Watch This March Madness


March is upon us, and everyone knows what that means. It’s March Madness. Avid basketball fans have been waiting on this month for months now, while the average sports fan starts to pay attention to college basketball now. Some love it for the upsets, and for making brackets while others watch to see what future NBA star will rise to the occasion. Personally I (Simon Villanoz) fall into that last category. The regular season is great, but now many young prospects have the chance to solidify their stock in the NBA draft. This month is where future stars are identified, so here are 5 players that I think will shine most when it counts. These are the players that you should keep an eye on.

DeAndre Ayton

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I’ve heard some experts compare him to Joel Embiid, and from what I’ve seen I don’t doubt it. The 7-1, 250 pound prospect from the Bahamas has put up great numbers during the regular season to fit that NBA star projection. The young freshmen has put up 19.9 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 1.9 blocks a game so far this season. He has been a dominant force in college, and has received well deserved attention so far. Their is a reason his name consistently comes up when people talk about the top 3 prospects in this year’s draft. Ayton will not go out of the top 3 in this year’s draft, and at this point it’s kind of a fact based on the regular season alone.

Barring injury, Ayton can use this month to establish why he is the unquestionable number one selection in this year’s draft. Arizona is 32-5 this year, and a lot of that is due to the fantastic play of Ayton. This player has an excellent array of post moves, along with the seemingly perfect touch when it comes to shooting in the post. In addition he can shoot from all over the floor with his smooth shot. Oh, and he’s very athletic on top of all that, so wherever he falls short his athleticism makes up for the rest of it. Defensively he is a towering juggernaut that dominates the post just like how he can offensively. Altogether, DeAndre Ayton seemingly has all the tools needed to be the next dominant big man in the NBA.

Performing well in March like I said will solidify why he should be the number one overall pick. In addition, he is simply a fun player to watch. A player as dominant as Ayton does not come around often in college basketball. At least not somebody who has almost no injury concerns, troubled history, or significant doubts about other aspects in his game. Obviously basketball is a team game so I can’t wholeheartedly say Ayton will single handily carry Arizona through the tournament, but don’t be surprised if Arizona makes some noise this year. Chances are DeAndre Ayton will be the one causing all that commotion.

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