32 Teams, 32 Kits, The World Cup Jersey’s Are Sick!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off today , as 32 national teams will take over Russia.

Some of those nations have beautiful, eye-catching kits. Others, not so much.

Here is your ultimate guide to all 32 World Cup Kits.


Russia, Adidas

World Cup Russia Kit 2018

The host’s World Cup shirt is a revision of the jersey worn by the Soviet Union during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. The red and white shirt has the country’s flag and the Russian eagle printed on the inside collar.

Saudi Arabia, Nike

World Cup Saudi Arabia Kit 2018

The simple green and white Saudi Arabia kit pays homage to the federation’s 1994 team, which reached the final 16 at the tournament held in the United States.

Egypt, Adidas

World Cup Egypt Kit 2018

Egypt’s shirt features the colours of nation’s flag – red, black and white – with a subtle chequered pattern running throughout, and Adidas’ signature white stripes running down its side.

Uruguay, Puma

An engineered jacquard graphic is embedded in Uruguay’s shirt, inspired by the nation’s Sol de Atlántida monument. The design has a classic dark blue collar and Puma’s logo also in dark blue.

Portugal, Nike

World Cup Portugal Kit 2018

Portugal’s success in the Euro 2016 football tournament is marked with “celebratory splashes of gold” on its otherwise burgundy and green kit.

Spain, Adidas

World Cup Spain Kit 2018

Spain’s traditionally red and yellow kit features a diamond-shaped printed pattern running down the right-hand side, a feature last seen on the country’s shirts at USA 1994.

Morocco, Adidas

Morocco’s 2018 World Cup home kit is a clean red shirt with three white stripes on the shoulders and a white collar. It will be paired with green shorts and red socks.

Iran, Adidas

Adidas has designed a clean and simple shirt for Iran, which includes only two colours – red and white. The brand’s logo, striped shoulders and sleeve detailing is in red.

France, Nike

World Cup France Kit 2018

Designed to put a modern spin on its tricolour flag, France’s blue, white and red shirt, has “Nos Differences Nous Unisset”, meaning “Our Differences Unite Us”, written inside the collar.

Australia, Nike

World Cup Australia Kit 2018

Inspired by the kit worn in the teams’ decisive 2006 World Cup qualifier – when the team qualified for a major tournament for the first time in 32 years – Australia’s 2018 version is gold with a dark green collar, and unique graphic print on the sleeves.

Peru, Umbro

World Cup Peru Kit 2018

This slimline shirt, in Peru’s classic white and red colours, is adorned with gold details on the shoulders and retains the historic sash across the front.

Denmark, Hummel

World Cup Denmark Kit 2018

White Hummel chevrons run down the arms of Denmark’s World Cup shirt, which is otherwise – and unsurprisingly – predominantly red.

Argentina, Adidas

World Cup Argentina Kit 2018

In celebration of the Argentine Football Association’s 125-year anniversary, the country’s kit incorporates laurels underneath the AFA badge, which also has two gold stars placed above it to represent its two World Cup victories.

Iceland, Errea

Nature inspired Iceland’s bold blue home shirt, which has speckles of red and white on the shoulders, as metaphors for ice, water, fire and geysers.

Croatia, Nike

World Cup Croatia Kit 2018

The World Cup 2018 sees a new interpretation of Croatia’s eye-catching red and white chequer design, with the squares increased in size compared to previous years.

Nigeria, Nike

World Cup Nigeria Kit 2018

Nigeria’s top has feather-style patterns – black and white for the sleeves, and green and white for the torso – based on the shirt the team wore when they qualified for the competition for the first time in 1994.

Brazil, Nike

Brazil’s yellow shirt is the same samba gold shade as the kits worn by the team that won the tournament back in 1970 – the first year the games were broadcast in colour.

Switzerland, Puma

The nation’s flag, the Puma logo, and a unique red design demonstrating the topography of Switzerland’s mountain-dominated landscape, pop from this predominantly white shirt.

Costa Rica, New Balance

Costa Rica’s traditionally red and white kit was released under the slogan “Declare your DNA”, and features subtle DNA stripes across the front left of the shirt, over the heart.

Serbia, Puma

World Cup Serbia Kit 2018

A very low-key and understated look, the Serbia 2018 World Cup shirt by Puma, is red with a white crew neck and has a white stripe on each sleeve.

Germany, Adidas

World Cup Germany Kit 2018

Inspired by their third World Cup win in 1990, Germany’s 2018 shirt features an updated monochrome version of the old printed graphic, and a gold World Cup winner’s badge to celebrate their victory at the last tournament in 2014.

Mexico, Adidas

World Cup Mexico Kit 2018

Harking back to the eye-catching all-over print used on its World Cup 1994 shirt, Mexico’s 2018 version has a green graphic pattern running from the curved red hem up towards the armpit.

Sweden, Adidas 

World Cup Sweden Kit 2018

Seeking inspiration from the classic Sweden jersey worn in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Adidas’ design for the country’s shirt this year is bright yellow and blue with subtle diagonal stripes.

South Korea, Nike

World Cup South Korea Kit 2018

Inspired by the Korean flag, the contemporary 2018 shirt is adorned with a custom Tae Geuk wave pattern that represents the global influence of South Korea.

Belgium, Adidas

World Cup Belgium Kit 2018

Featuring a woven team badge located in the centre, Belgium’s World Cup 2018 top is a refreshed take on the black, yellow and red argyle print the team played in at Euro 1984.

Panama, New Balance

The front of Panama’s red and white shirt has a subtle chevron design pattern inspired by Panama City’s skyline and the national bird – the Harpy Eagle.

Tunisia, Uhlsport

World Cup Tunisia Kit 2018

Tunisia’s plain white World Cup shirt has red hems, with the brand’s motif and the logo of the Tunisian FA in the same colour.

England, Nike

World Cup England Kit 2018

This slimline shirt features the Saint George’s cross on the neck, a rosette located on the inside of the collar, and red, white and blue colours, as historically seen on England kits.

Poland, Nike

World Cup Poland Kit 2018

A light grey eagle from the country’s coat of arms straddles a graphic sash on Poland’s shirt, which also has a subtle zig-zag pattern on both sleeves.

Senegal, Puma

The team’s nickname “Lions of Teranga” inspired Senegal’s World Cup 2018 shirt, which has a lion’s face graphic on the front, green striped sleeves and green collar.

Colombia, Adidas

World Cup Colombia Kit 2018

Colombia’s striking yellow home kit is inspired by their iconic World Cup 1990 apparel, and features spiky blue and red graphics matching the colours of the South American country’s flag.

Japan, Adidas

World Cup Japan Kit 2018


In homage to Japan’s traditional handcrafted clothing, its team’s blue shirt features a minimal white all-over print on the front, imitating the appearance of a stitching technique known as Sashiko.

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