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Podcast: Is It Time To Open Up The Country?

Can we stop now? I mean literally just stop for one moment and think about what we are doing as a nation? California you want to close the economy until at least August, college classes online through minimum fall quarter? Meanwhile, Georgia’s open and cases are down. Florida is open and cases are down. Wisconsin is voting down the governor’s request to close their economy. And their bars were packed last night according to twitter. I am not an epidemiologist. I just talk about sports for a living, but we have politicized the virus. Instead of wanting to stand together as a nation, once again the left and right are fighting like immature brats. And since when did flattening the curve turn into needing a vaccine or a cure? I completely understand that the virus is real.

I completely understand the virus is serious. It’s not “just the flu”. However, at what point do we have to go face reality? My point here is : Why has developing a vaccine taken over flattening the curve? Polio was discovered to be infectious in 1908, a vaccine for Polio wasn’t introduced widespread until 1952. That’s 44 years for those who aren’t good at math. HIV was declared a pandemic in 1981. Here we are in 2020 with no vaccine. So who the fuck knows if we will ever develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus?! And if we do, it’s not going to be 3 months from now. So what are businesses supposed to do? Just sit and wait for a vaccine to save the day? Or do we do what America usually does? Go out and take a chance. Be smart. Remain socially distant. Avoid large crowds. And if you are over 65 years old. Stay at home.

Right now you are 92X more likely to die of the Coronavirus if you are over the age of 65 then between the ages of 15-44. So if you’re old, and scared, and nervous I get it. But for the young people out there. Wake up. We are not in big danger if we remain smart. But, we are in danger of destroying our national economy and not recovering for years. Now when it comes to sports. Of course I want to see my favorite sports played. But this isn’t just about sports. Even though I do think for morale reasons only,  sports would be a welcome sign of normalcy for a country in peril. 

And I am not saying open up the economy tomorrow. But it’s time to have a proper plan in place, stop listening to the doomers. The media said they want us socially distant to keep the hospitals empty, and the ventilators available. We did our part. And now we are sending ventilators to Russia. Yes, Russia! We did our part, now it’s time for this politicized bullshit between the right and left to end. To find a proper and responsible plan to get people back to work. Because at this rate more families are going to be destroyed by the economy than Covid-19. California is irresponsible. I

f you are a student or student athlete and your campus is closed  this fall. You deserve your money back, and if you are a football or basketball player or participate in any collegiate sport you should be able to transfer without any NCAA penalty. California and other states that aren’t looking at the data this needs to be figured out now.  We need good leadership on whatever side of the political spectrum you lean.  Today Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Blake Snell says it’s not worth taking a risk for a reduced salary to play baseball. That’s fucking absurd. Instead of $10 million dollars he’d earn $5 million or so? Fuck that. It’s time for sports to be responsible for taking that first step back, show that leadership and show the country that we can be normal again. 


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