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Let Me B-Frank Podcast May 8th with Jack M Silverstein

Let Me B-Frank Podcast

Brian and Pete welcome on a special guest to this week’s Let Me B-Frank Podcast, sports historian and author Jack M Silverstein joins to talk about “The Last Dance” and the 90s Bulls. After an early hiccup of B-Frank calling Richard Esquinas Robert, things really got rolling as the guys asked Jack about things like what Chicago in the 90s was like, how the 70s Knicks are linked to the 90s Bulls, how Jerry Krause has been portrayed thus far in the documentary, Scottie Pippen, Jerry Reinsdorf, Phil Jackson, Dennis Rodman and much more. Jack adds some great context and color to his answers with his encyclopedic knowledge of not just the NBA but sports overall, adding to what was already a fascinating conversation.

Be sure to check Jack out on Twitter, he also has a newsletter and website “A Shot on Ehlo”, and is currently working on a book about the 90s Bulls titled “6 Rings: The Bulls, The City, and the Dynasty that Changed the Game”.

Nobody Cheers for Jerry Krause – Chicago Reader

1994 Christmas Day Game Bulls vs Knicks

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