Here’s Some Games I Just Had To Circle From The NFL Schedule Release

One of my favorite days of the year is the NFL schedule release. It’s like unwrapping a Christmas present. You know it’s going to be good, but you aren’s ure how good. I went through every week and was able to pinpoint my favorite game of each week of the NFL season:

Week 1Buccaneers vs Saints

Can’t wait to watch Brady and Brees duke it out in the same division. Sneaky important game giving one team the early edge 

Week 2: Saints @ Raiders Moday Night football

The 1st game in The Las Vegas era for the Raiders. I simply cannot wait to see what the atmosphere looks like in Las Vegas.

Week 3: Chiefs @ Ravens

No explanation needed here. You get the last two MVPs squaring off against each other in Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. Plus the Chiefs won something called the Super Bowl last year, which might be a big deal.

Week 4: Eagles @ 49ers

Two teams that should be in contention for a Super Bowl apperance if they remain healthy this season, and a possible preview of a NFC championship game.

Week 5: Vikings @ Seahawks

Another two teams that could be competing for a Super Bowl apperance. As far as talent goes, there might not be two more talented teams. Plus I’m a Seahawks fan. Oh this game is on Primetime.. so good luck Kirk.

Week 6: Browns @ Steelers

Myles Garrett makes an appearance to Pittsburgh, plus by this point we will know if Baker is on the hot seat.

Week 7: Buccaneers @ Raiders

Tom Brady in Vegas. Yes please.

Week 8: 49ers @ Seahawks 

Two teams who hate each other’s guts and me getting watch my Seahawks take control of the division at home. Look anytime these two teams are good and they play that’s my matchup of the week.

Week 9: Saints @ Buccaneers 

Brady vs Brees part two. Umm yes.

Week 10: Patriots @ Ravens

By this point we’ll know if the Patriots are done without Brady or not, and if they aren’t you know Belichick wants revenge on Lamar for tearing up the Patriots defense last year.

Week 11: Titans @ Ravens

Lamar and the Ravens party was spoiled by the Titans last year, it’s time for revenege here.

Week 12: Seahawks @ Eagles 

My Seahawks versus my way too early Super Bowl winner pick.

Week 13: Cowboys @ Ravens

It took way too long to get the Cowboys as the game of the week. But against the Ravens? This is must watch TV.

Week 14: Steelers @ Bills

Last year this game was sneaky good, and I have a eerie feeling that these two teams will be both in playoff contention come week 14.

Week 15: 49ers @ Cowboys

Do I need to even explain? 

Week 16: Rams @ Seahawks

At this point it’s my Seahawks going for the playoffs that’s where my mind is.

Week 17: Seahawks @ 49ers

This one could very well be for homefield in the NFC playoffs and the very important only one team gets a bye week in playoffs per conference. 

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