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Jared Freid Joins George Jarjour On The Sports Are Funny Podcast

Jared Freid Sports Are Funny

George Jarjour sits down and talks to Jared Freid who is a stand up comedian and host of The JTrain Podcast. He has peformed in world renowned festivals like the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal and has been featured on multiple tv series. You might have seen him on MTV’s “Vidiots” or “Failoshphy” TruTV’s “NFL Full Contact”, NFL Network’s “Top Ten” or NBC’s “The Today Show”.  He’s written for multiple publications and and he has dwelved into topics from Rom-Coms, The Bachelor and sports.

George and Jared talked about the Twitter world and social media world and how it takes away from reality. His rise to success as a stand up comic and podcaster, to touring the United States peforming. George and Jared talked about the quarantine and topics as baking banana bread.

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