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Shutout To The Internet For Bullying ESPN To Releasing The Michael Jordan Documentary Early

(NY Post) – ABC/ESPN’s highly anticipated 10-part Michael Jordan documentary, “The Last Dance,” is being moved up to April, The Post has learned.

Sources said the start date will be Sunday, April 19. It was originally slated for June.ABC/ESPN plans to make an announcement on “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, according to sources.

The documentary was set to debut in June prior to the coronavirus outbreak that has halted games at all levels of competition. Social media has implored ESPN/ABC to move up the documentary’s beginning because of the hunger for new sports programming. 

Thank you internet. Look bullying overall is bad. But this time it’s alright. We are getting the Michael Jordan 10 part documentary early! Thank the lord. 10 parts, of Michael Jordan! Can’t wait. So stay tuned internet, we are about to have some fun.


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