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This Kid Definitely Touched The Wrong Ball

Adam Silver wax figurine

This kid man. How do you make a mistake like this. In a way I think this video is staged. The dad says touch his “balls”. Plural. So yeah, you would just say “ball” singular. So that’s why I think it’s staged. Also this is a wax figure of Adam Silver. At first I thought: “Why would I ever want to take a picture with a wax figure of Adam Silver”. Then again I realized you do it to pretend you are getting drafted. So yeah, I’d take a picture with a wax figure of Adam Silver.


By the way if you don’t watch basketball and don’t know the difference between the regular Adam Silver and the Wax Adam Silver.. here it is:

What is the NBA Experience? Let's Find Out! - WDW Magazine

Versus the real Adam Silver:

N.B.A. Expects to Lose 'Hundreds of Millions' From China Rift ...

NBA commissioner Adam Silver seeking answers, which are in short ...

Actually in a weird way there is a strong resembelance.

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