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IOC Member Dick Pound Says Tokyo Olympics Could Be Cancelled

Dries Mertens

Could the Tokyo Olympics really be cancelled? Well according to Dick Pound who is a member of the IOC he says yes. Tokyo has until late May to get the Corona Virus under control which has really devastated a ton of Asia and the world in general. The virus is absolutely no joke. Speaking of jokes what kind of name is Dick Pound? Anytime someone named Dick Pound is walking into your office to investigate something, I assume it could only be bad news. The only time the Olympics have ever been cancelled are due to World War 1 and World War 2. So this would obviously be a huge deal not only for Tokyo but for all the athletes that trained long and hard to achieve their goals. I really hope not just for the sake of the Olympics (but for the health of people in the world) that they can get this Corona Virus under control.



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