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Browns Greg Robinson Arrested At The Border With 157 Pounds Of Weed

Holy moly. 157 pounds of WEED?! Like seriously what type of person other than someone who plays for the Cleveland Browns tries to get away with this? This is what I call CBS and now it doesn’t stand for the TV Channel it stands for Cleveland Brown Syndrome. Look, being a member of the Browns is hard, and honestly, they might just let him go with a slap on the wrist because being a member of the Browns makes it hard to make right decisions, plus how are you supposed to get by the day without a ton of weed? How much is 157 pounds? Well…

Lionel Messi is 157 pounds

Image result for messi

Lindsey Vonn 157 Pounds

Image result for lindesy vonn

Toilet Seat 157 pounds 

Image result for toilet seat

You get the point. 157 pounds is a ton of weed.

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