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Michael Jordan Once Wore #12 The Mystery Of The Stolen Jersey Was Solved

Michael Jordan 12

[Yahoo] – Arena security “got a little worried and began spilling the beans,” Powell tells Yahoo Sports. One of their own concocted “this master plan.”

“In the end it was proven that the jersey was taken by a member of the arena security personnel with the intent to keep,” adds Powell. “The security member tried to come through the ceiling after the gameday shootaround in the morning. They were successful in getting to the jersey and must have planned on leaving the jersey in the ceiling for awhile to come and retrieve at a later date.”

The. Dude. Went. Through. The. Ceiling. “Mission: Impossible” style. And lost his job because of it.

Another one of those stories where it goes to show Michael Jordan stories are absolutely insane. I love it though. Can you imagine if they made a low budget movie out of this? I’d watch. “The Jersey Thief.” Sign me up.

Powell says “the jersey was retrieved and eventually sent back to the Bulls.” Except, Ligmanowski and Bulls senior director of public and media relations Tim Hallam — two of the few holdovers left from the pre-dynasty days — do not recall ever getting the stolen No. 23 jersey returned to them.

One of the best moves of all time. If this was a playoff game Jordan would have probably been absolutely heated. He is one of the most superstitious players in history of sports and to mess with him this way. It would have been a brilliant move.

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