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Alex Rodriguez Could Be Buying The New York Mets

Alex Rodriguez Mets

NY Post- According to multiple sources, the newest name to emerge as a potential suitor to buy the Mets is none other than Alex Rodriguez. Baseball and Wall Street insiders told The Post that the controversial former Yankees superstar is “kicking the tires” on the idea of getting into an upcoming auction for the team. This comes after Cohen, the billionaire hedge fund manager, walked away from a $2.6 billion deal for 80 percent of the team last week upon learning that the Wilpon family would not be surrendering control for the first five years of his ownership.

Sources caution that an A-Rod Mets bid would be a longshot and would require putting together an ownership group of even wealthier investors, much like the deal that his former teammate and frenemy Derek Jeter made to buy A-Rod’s hometown team, the Miami Marlins. In 2017, Jeter put down $25 million alongside 15 other investors to reach a $1.2 billion deal that made him the controlling partner and CEO of the organization. “[Rodriguez] genuinely loves the Mets,” said one source familiar with A-Rod. “He and J-Lo have talked about him buying a team ever since Jeter got the Marlins.”

Alright I see you A-Rod. Imagine that half of the Yankees infield that won the last World Series could be owners of franchises.

While sources told The Post that Cohen has not yet fully given up on his chances of purchasing the Mets, rumors of A-Rod’s interest have intensified.

“No chance A-Rod pulls that off, especially with Steve Cohen still out there playing safety on this thing,” said one banker familiar with Cohen and the deal. “This auction will not get close to $3 billion, and it will be lucky to get over $2 billion. Steve knows that, he’s talking to people and he’s waiting for the Wilpons to come back begging for $2.6 billion and no five-year window.” 

Cohen declined to comment on the notion that he is still actively monitoring the situation, but one source close to the $13 billion financier made it clear that he would not be involved with the Mets auction and “refuses to be used as a stalking horse” in the process.

You think winning a world series as a player is hard? Imagine trying to turn around this crazy organization that is the New York Mets into a real winner and contender? Also how crazy is it that Alex Rodriguez could go from a Yankee (who the Mets hate) to the actual face of the Mets organization. In a way I’m rooting for this hard.

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