Fast Food Worker Swaps McDonald’s For $1k An Hour Modeling Job

McDonald's Instagram

Source: A MCDONALD’S worker has swapped her £7-an-hour fast food job for £1,000-a-shoot modelling gigs.

Tanya McDonnell’s life was transformed after she was scouted on Instagram just over a year ago.

The 23-year-old from Washington, Tyne and Wear, says she is “living in a dream” – as she travels between Dubai, Germany, London and Manchester.

While at McDonald’s, Tanya was posting photos of her holidays and shots of her face without any filters.

 Tanya McDonnell has become a successful model after she was contacted on Instagram by an agency

I mean this is an ultimate rags to riches story. Imagine you are working fast food, just posting on Instagram and then all the sudden BOOM, you are discovered and get to travel the world and make in an hour more than you make in 2 weeks at times. Pretty impressive.

J’adore Models, a Manchester based agency, reached out to her in her direct messages and later signed her.Now, she is also with MGM Models in Germany and W Model Management in London, and earns thousands each week.

 Tanya in front of one of her modelling shots

 She now jets around the world making thousands a week at photo shoots

In an interview with The Sun she also said:

“It can come to you when you don’t expect it to. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do.I’m finding life so much better now. It’s so fun meeting new people. I’m so much more confident now.When I was a kid, I always looked up to the likes of Kate Moss but thought I was ugly and that I could never be a model.I feel so much better in myself now. You really never know how other people view you.”

 Tanya left her McDonald's branch to pursue a life of travel and glamour

She worked at the above McDonald’s to this:

 The 23-year-old spends time in Dubai after quitting her job at McDonald's to model

 The 23-year-old travels between Dubai, Germany, London and Manchester working for different model agencies


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