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BYU Cougar Mascot With The Greatest Dunk In The History Of The World

BYU Mascot Dunk

We’ve seen BYU’s mascot go viral before for his epic dance moves. This time The BYU Cougar has out done himself with the greatest dunk of all time. You think taking off from the free throw line is good? How about taking off from all the way in 3 point land.

Got to say. This is nuts. For one, he took off from the 3 point line. But more importantly you’d think he’d need a trampoline or something to pull this off. No He just literally had a group of guys throw him in the air and he finished the dunk. The amount of nerves he must have had is also underrated. How about if it went wrong? How much practice has been pulled off? This is way more incredible than I originally thought.

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