The 2020 NFL Draft Stage In Vegas Will Be On The Bellagio Fountain And Players Will Take A Boat To It When Drafted

Bellagio Draft

Alright now, The NFL Draft is about to be lit. You think controversy happens on draft day? Imagine all these young 20-22 year old NFL draft picks going out the night before the draft in Vegas or after being drafted in Vegas. Stuff is going to be all over the place. Including this news that The NFL draft stage will be in the middle of the Bellagio fountains and require a boat after players are drafted.

The NFL in vegas is about to amazing. From it’s stadium looking like it’s from another world.


And even from The Oakland Raiders black hole will be coming to all 8 home games:


CBS Sports – Raiders team president Marc Badain announced the “Black Hole,” the enthusiastic part of Raider Nation that stood in the south end zone in Oakland, will be coming to Vegas. This development is based off ticket sales.

“A lot of the folks that sit in the Black Hole in Oakland bought tickets in the south end zone at Allegiant [Raiders new stadium in Las Vegas],” Badain said, via Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Whether that happens organically, we’ll see what happens.”

Everything that happens in Vegas is bigger and better and that includes the upcoming NFL draft. Viva Las Vegas baby.

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