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At This Rate Barron Trump Is Going To Win The NBA Dunk Contest One Day

President Donald Trump and Melania have done a really great job of keeping their youngest son Barron out of the lime light during The Trump presidency. However, yesterday a video was circulating around the internet and the 13 year old has grown QUITE a bit. Keep in mind he’s 13 years old and keep in mind his dad is 6 foot 3.

Donald Trump Height

Who knows if he plays basketball or not. But man, how tall will Barron end up? I know a ton of kids grow quick and stop but Melania is also 5 foot 11. So the odds that Barron continues his growth is high, and with Trump’s money he can afford the best trainers in the world. Let’s just hope my Washington Huskies head coach Mike Hopkins has Barron on his radar.

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