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Umm Congratulations To The Bears? GM Says Mitch Trubisky Will Be QB In 2020

Mitch Trubisky

No real surprise here. With as much invested in Mitch Trubisky you kind of expected this. However, with the way Mitchell played this season it’s hard to get behind the decision here if you are a fan of The Chicago Bears. Naggy also added:

“I have extreme confidence in Nagy as our head coach, our playcaller, and extreme confidence in Nagy as our leader”–Ryan Pace

Meanwhile The Bears parted ways with a ton of coaches including their offensive coordinator.


Well good luck to Chicago Bear fans watching another season of Mitch Trubisky. The defense is so solid that you just hope Mitch can turn it up just enough so he can make help lead The Bears back to the playoffs next season. Of course this could change depending on who is available during free agency or the draft, but as things stand now Mitch Trubisky will be behind center for The Bears.

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