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Wait What? Baker Mayfield Is Taking The High Road Here?!

Baker Mayfield Kliff Kingsbury

So for those of you who don’t know the story between Baker Mayfield and Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury, they kind of butted heads back in 2013. Why? Well Baker was named the starting QB as a true freshmen for what was Kingsbury’s Texas Tech team, he won his first 5 games then he hurt his knee. Later, when he came back he didn’t get his job back even though Texas Tech was losing AND on top of all of this Kingsbury didn’t offer Mayfield a scholarship for his sophmore year. So Baker left to Oklahoma, won a Heisman trophy, and got drafted first overall. So Baker and The Cardinals head out west to take on The Cardinals so you’d expect some firework quotes from Baker Mayfield, right? Well, wrong!

Alright, Who is this Baker Mayfield? What has Cleveland done to the ultra-cocky, highly opinionated and quotable Baker? Yikes, this season must have done a toll on him. This is probably the best for his long term career to act level headed like this, and not be so quotable. But at this point in the Cleveland Browns season the only thing we have to look forward to was Baker giving us some good quotes.


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