No Teams Have Reached Out To Kaepernick After His Workout

Colin Kaepernick Workout

One day after his recent workout, Colin Kaepernick’s agent had heard nothing from any of the NFL’s teams. Eight days later, it’s the same situation.

Source (Pro Football Focus) – Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that “no teams have reached out to work him out, visit with him or sign him.”

In more than 32 months since Kaepernick first became a free agent, no team has had him in for a workout. Only one team has brought him in for a visit — the Seahawks, in May 2017.

The outcome isn’t a surprise. Any team could have brought Kaepernick to town for a workout. No one has, no one did. By all appearances, no one will.

Although some would say that Kaepernick isn’t in the pool of potential backups because he wouldn’t accept such an assignment, no one has offered him the second or third spot on a depth chart. That said, if Kaepernick were willing to take whatever he can get, nothing stops him from saying so.

Indeed, as false narratives churned regarding Kaepernick wanting an eight-figure salary or a guaranteed starting job when neither he nor his representatives had never said that, the truth is he never said he didn’t. At this point, it would be useful (if he wants back in) to say, “I’ll take whatever I can get, for whatever you offer me.”

Written by Sami Jarjour

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