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The Gators Coach’s Wife (Megan Mullen) Has Weird Kissing Antics With Players Before Games

I saw this storyline that I had not known about much in college football here in the last few days. But University of Florida’s coach (Dan Mullen) wife (Megan Mullen) has some weird kissing antic thing with players before Gator games.

Megan Mullen Kissing

The video above has since been deleted. Here is that video:

As you can see she doesn’t kiss everyone. She hugs some, kisses some, grabs some by the necks.

Many people found this Megan Mullen thing disturbing:

Carron J Phillips also wrote:

I could spend time giving you countless examples of how this type of misbehavior has a historical context that always winds up with the black men in these situations suffering, while the white woman is always protected. It seems that Florida’s football program still hasn’t learned its lesson. Because as we lived in a heightened era of sexual assault and harassment, this same program was in the news earlier this year when former freshman quarterback Jalon Jones was accused of sexual battery involving two female students on the same night.

And while Jones ended up transferring, things were supposedly so uncomfortable that his roommate, Chris Steele, would also transfer due to how the football staff handled his request as he tried to get away from Jones by asking to be placed in a different dorm.

So apparently Megan Mullen has been doing this for a while as she did this at Mississippi State during their traditional “Dog Walk”. Is it weird? Yeah. Should she stop this? Yeah. Is it sexual assault? No. But maybe Florida needs to put the end of this immediately because it’s weird, unneccesary and downright creepy.

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