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Jets Fans Fly ‘Fire Adam Gase’ Banner Over New York City

Fire Adam Gase

Well, for the last 10 years Jets fans have been miserable. Who would’ve thought that in 2019 we would look back and say ‘Jets are better off with Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez.’ There has been a ‘turnaround’ or ‘rebuild’ happening in New York since 2010, and it’s really not working. One quarterback after another, one coach after another. Well, here we are again. After a summer of excitement for second year QB Sam Darnold, and signing LeVeon Bell to a massive deal, we all thought it would be different. Nope, the Jets are 1-7.

A large group, which identified itself as die-hard Jets fans on its blog, created a GoFundMe page entitled “Fire Adam Gase” with plans to send “loud public messages to ownership that we are fed up.”

The fundraising, which as of Friday afternoon sat at $2,640 from 159 fans, went toward a plane that flew over New York City’s West Side on Friday afternoon with a banner that reads “Fire Adam Gase!” attached to the back.

“While Adam Gase’s name was on the back of the plane, this movement is actually about holding ownership accountable for their actions over the past decade,” the movement’s blog reads. “In reality, that plane should have read “SELL THE TEAM!” but we know that they (the Johnson family) have absolutely no intention of doing that.”

Don’t forget, this isn’t the first outcry we’ve heard about firing Gase only 8 games into the season:

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