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Two Years After His Death; Aaron Hernandez Linked To Another Murder

Aaron Hernandez Claims 4th Murder

Aaron Hernandez was an absolutely bad dude. He was linked to three different murders and than committed suicide in jail.

And now according to a new book called Hernandez’s Killing Fields by journalist Dyland Howard: Aaron might have killed even more people and bragged about it to his prison lover Kyle Kennedy:

“[Aaron] always used to tell me he had four murders. He would just always, all the time joke around saying ‘I got four bodies,’” Kennedy said, according to the book.

Despite the claim however, Kennedy said that Hernandez would never reveal who that person was. The Book also claims that a crew of thugs sent by Hernandez might have killed the wrong person before killin Odin Llyod which was the first muder Hernandez was found guilty for:

“The new expose alleged Lloyd and Miller looked physically similar, and were likely acquaintances because they ran in the same circles.

Renowned former police detective Bo Dietl claimed in the book that Miller could have been murdered: “It sounds like Hernandez gets a tip from one of his goonies. That Odin Lloyd is at this location. [Then] Jordan Miller is shot inside his home, from [a] drive-by shooting through the window … It’s very possible that Odin Lloyd could have been in that apartment, and if they look similar, which I believe they do. They shot the wrong guy that time.”

“I don’t care if he pulled the trigger or not, if Aaron Hernandez was involved with the conspiracy to murder Odin Lloyd and Jordan Miller, it’s the same as pulling the trigger.”

There’s a ton more in the book including the alleged HIV that Aaron Hernandez had and was trying to cover it up and that was the reason for the murder.

Aaron Hernandez is one of the scariest stories of a public figure going the wrong way. And it’s fascinating that a few years later his name still makes headlines.



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