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Shocker: Football Coach Who Yelled “White Power” And Dropped The “N Bomb” Has To Quit

Coach Who Yelled White Power

Well, there are a couple of things we all know that you just don’t do. And being a high school football coach and yelling “White Power” and dropping “N Bombs” are on the list of things you do not do under any circumstance, even if you are joking.

Source – An assistant high school football coach in Wake County is out of a job after a video showing him making racist remarks was posted to Instagram.“15 seconds of fame in the wrong way. I’ve ruined the last 12 years of my career,” John Hoskins told ABC11 exclusively.

He said it happened one fun night at the bar. The 32-year-old coach at Knightdale High School was celebrating the team’s win against Corinth Holders High, when he shouted: “White power, Knightdale. I still love you, N—–“ “Just to set the record, I’m not racist,” Hoskins told ABC11 on Tuesday. “I don’t mean it in a negative way.”

Hoskins said he was caught up in a celebratory moment with friends both black and white. He said through the years, his friends who are black have said it was OK for him to use the n-word.

“I guess I’ve been around them for so long. We’re friends. I mean nothing from it,” he said. “The word can be used in multiple ways. They treat me as any of their own friends.” Out of fear of being a distraction to the team, Hoskins said the next day, he wrote a one-sentence letter to Knightdale’s principal and to the head coach, apologizing and resigning.

Hoskins said the players on the majority-black team also accepted the words.“They joke around. We joke around. They walk up to me and say it. ‘Hey coach, just say it. You’re a good coach. Just say it.’ Once in a while, it slips,” he said. “Once a year, it slips. To have them smile and laugh. Besides that, I mean nothing from it.”

I mean, he was saying he was joking and that his players would know that too. But at the end of the day this is a fireable offense even just on the basis of being dumb enough to do this. Just remember as always kids, what you say anywhere today can and most probably will make it’s way on to social media.

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