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The NFL Told OBJ and Jarvis Landry They Have To Change Their Shoes Or They Can’t Play

Odell Beckham Jr And Jarvin Landry Shoes

So this tweet and story right here is the Cleveland Browns season in a nutshell. In what is a must win game against The Denver Broncos it seems like star WRs Jarvis Landy and of course Odell Beckham Jr. are more concerned about things that don’t matter:

But seriously are you kidding me? This is ridiculous on all fronts. Let’s start with why it’s ridiculous from the two WRs:

Hey OBJ and Landry you two are supposed to be some superstars and have combined for one TD this whole damn season and instead of focusing on the game you are focusing on shoes? It’s ridiculous. This isn’t a fashion show. This is football. Why does it seem like there is always a story about OBJ not following the dress code rules of the NFL. Just fucking play football man. It’s not that hard. And now NFL… doesn’t this seem a bit harsh? I get a fine. Make it a huge fine. And threaten to suspend them if they do it again, but to make them change them or can’t play? Seems like a bit of an overreaction right? Anyways. currently, The Browns are losing to Denver who has their 3rd QB in. So that’s fun. This story literally described The Browns season in a nutshell. Just chaotic.

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